Carport roof: roof types & suitable roofing materials

A carport proves to be an excellent alternative to a garage or can be built parallel to it to provide additional parking space for another car – to protect it from the rain. But especially when building a carport roof, you should leave nothing to chance. Below we explain what types of roofs there are for a carport, what points are important in the construction of a carport roof and what advantages and disadvantages such a roof has.

Everything at a glance:

Increasingly, a carport is replacing the classic garage.
There are different types of carport roofs and roof coverings. These include flat roofs, gable roofs or saddle roofs, and roofs made of materials such as clay tiles, wood, acrylic glass or corrugated sheet metal.
You may need a building permit to build the carport and must comply with a development plan.
The roof of a carport can be made of different materials.
If the roof is to be covered with tiles, the substructure must be built with a solid structure.
A specialized company can tell you which roof shape and material is suitable for which carport roof.


The roof of your carport needs a suitable substructure to match the material of the roof. In addition, you should always pay attention to the building codes that apply in your area.

Where can I build a carport?

Where you may build the canopy for your car depends on the building codes on your property. In addition, building regulations are a matter of the states, so it may be that in one state you are free to erect a carport in the desired location up to a certain size, while in another state you need a corresponding building permit. You should find this out in advance. The building authority will also tell you whether you are allowed to construct the parking space for your car in the desired location. However, boundary structures in particular must be avoided or approved in advance. Also from the neighbor.

Who is allowed to build the roof of the carport?

If you are building a simple roof, for example a roof made of wood or sheet metal, you can usually build this type of roof yourself. You only need manual skills and the right tools.

However, if other building materials such as glass or tiles are used, you should hire a professional. After all, no mistakes should be made here, as this could jeopardize overall safety.

Advantages of having your carport installed by a professional

  • Individual planning according to your needs
  • reliable construction
  • fast and professional construction
  • Appearance that matches your house
  • high quality
  • -guarantee from the expert

What price should I expect for roofing?

Unlike the garage, this is the cheaper option. However, the final cost of roofing depends on the size, construction and building material. You can also consider an off-the-shelf kit – these are often relatively cheaper and come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Added to the price are any extras such as lighting and, of course, if you can’t or don’t want to build it yourself, the cost of the craftsmen.

Carport roof types

There are many different carport models, so roof types also vary widely.

What types of roofs are there?
Most carports have a flat roof. They may even have a roof that is specially planted with greenery. But other roofs are also possible. These include

  • Gable roof
  • Sparred roof (curved)
  • Pitched roof
  • Pitched roof / monopitch roof
  • Flat roof

Which materials are suitable for roofing?

Carports can be very different in appearance. This is due not only to the shape, but also to the materials used for roofing:

  • Wood
  • Shingles
  • Trapezoidal sheets / metal / corrugated sheets
  • Plastic
  • Glass


Wooden carport roofs are very popular because they can be individually assembled without requiring much prior knowledge. However, you must seal the wooden roof to prevent moisture from entering. Especially if you want to install a green roof, a wooden frame is a good option.


Shingles should only be used if the vehicle roof has very good statics and can easily withstand the load caused by the shingles. In any case, a specialist is needed here. He can also adapt the roof of the carport to the roof of the house and thus create a visual unity.

Trapezoidal sheets / metal / corrugated sheets

Trapezoidal sheet metal is another popular material. You can order this in the size you need and screw it on very easily. It has a relatively low weight. Trapezoidal sheets are much lighter than wood and you do not need to apply an additional layer to regulate moisture. However, the purchase cost is usually higher.


The plastic roof, made of PVC or polycarbonate for example, is also a popular design. It is lightweight and the panel can be optimally adjusted in length and width. This roofing material is also not expensive. However, the plastic has the disadvantage of having limited weather resistance. This means that it is less durable than other materials.


Glass can also be used and provides a sophisticated look. However, glass is very heavy, so a sturdy substructure is required. On top of that, it is expensive and difficult to install. If you want to build a car canopy with a glass roof, you will need to hire a professional. It is also important to note that a glass roof will cause you more work, as leaves and dirt will be particularly noticeable.


A carport is a simple and inexpensive alternative to a garage because it allows you to park your vehicle in a weatherproof manner without massive masonry. For this to succeed, the roof must be weatherproof and functional, but also blend in well with the surroundings or garden. It is also important to consider the statics so that the shelter can withstand the load of the roof without any problems. The most popular carport roofs are flat roofs, gable roofs and pitched roofs. Such roofing is also suitable for greenery and even solar panels. The nobler the roofing material, the more the price goes up.

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